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The RT Qualification Exam includes:

  • General Exam - is a closed book examination that covers the basic principles of the radiographic test method.
  • Specific Exam - Written examination covering the ability to read, interpret and apply specifications, procedures, and codes to industrial radiographic inspection.
  • Radiographic Interpretation - Review radiographs to find and report flaws according to written specifications.
NDT Training – Central NDT Training is in accordance with SNT-TC-1A, CP-189 or your company’s specifications.  We can tailor the training courses to meet your company’s specific needs. These courses cover the basic theory, application of method to applicable codes/standards, and hands-on training. We currently offer Level I and II courses in the following methods:

Radiographic Testing (RT) - Forty hour course on industrial radiation safety and eight hour courses on film interpretation of weldments covering:

  • Fundamentals of radiation
  • Effects on living tissue
  • Time, distance, shielding
  • Access controls and postings
  • Emergency procedures
  • Identification and classification of defects found in pipeline weldments
  • Evaluating acceptability of defects to specific codes