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Incident and Injury
Reporting Policy

When an Injury or Incident occurs, the following steps must be followed:

  1. If the incident results in an injury to an employee - the employee’s health and safety is the #1 priority. Please tend to the injured employee before beginning any other steps. If it’s a non-injury incident an immediate phone call to Central NDT Safety Department is required.
  2. An immediate phone call needs to be made to Sarah McGrew Office 918-358-5735 or Cell Phone 24/7 at 918-728-5360. All notifications must be immediate of the incident to help insure the best care for the affected employee. If he/she needs medical help, the designated safety representative and or designated representative should accompany employee to the health care facility.  If the injured worker is unable to make the phone call for any reason, the worker’s supervisor or first responding employee needs to immediately contact the Central NDT Safety Department once aware. We must also be immediately notified of all non-injury related incidents.

  3. At the direction of the Central NDT Senior Safety Director and/or a member of the executive management team the supervisor or direct employee shall begin completing the “CIS Incident Report” as well as initiating the investigation and getting statements from the injured employee and witness. If the supervisor or direct employee is unsure if contact has been made to the CIS Safety Department, they must reach out immediately before any further action.

  4. A Post Accident/Incident drug and alcohol screen must be accomplished within 24 hours of injury/incident when required by management.

  5. At the direction of the Central NDT Senior Safety Director and/or a member of the executive management team, a thorough site investigation should be completed within a timely manner and all pictures, reports, etc. must be sent to the Central NDT office along with the CIS Incident Report included in your Hire Packet. As directed, the CIS Incident Report needs to be turned in within 24 Hours of any and all work-related incidents whether it is an injury or non-injury incident.

  6. Once all Injury/Incident documentation is completed, fax or email a copy to the Central NDT Office at 918-358-5677 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  7. The immediate supervisor as well as management at the Central NDT office needs to continue to check on injured employee until he/she returns to full duty.